Food & Fitness Plan January 5-11

This weekend I packed up all the Christmas decorations and the hubs stored them in the garage until next year. It is so much more fun to pop in Home Alone and decorate, than to clean it all up. And I always wait too long and wind up getting attacked by dry pokey needles on my tree. At least I didn’t miss the cut off for curbside tree pick-up like last year!

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Tomorrow I’m back in the classroom. I don’t know if I’m ready to trade my yoga pants for tights and skirts, however. I might need to rock the leggings for a week as I get back into my grove. The leggings are a bit more forgiving of my splurging over the holidays too!


But it is time to buckle down and face the fact that vacation, and all its treats, is over. I signed up for the 30-day green smoothie challenge on Simple Green Smoothies, and have been putting my new Blendtec to good work! They send you a shopping list and 5 recipes a week for the month of January (repeat 2 you like each week). I’m not sure if you can sign up late, but I think you can! I’ve enjoyed all the smoothies so far, even the ones I wasn’t so sure I’d care for.


In addition to my daily green smoothie, I’ve planned the following balanced meals for my first week back at work.

Running with Racheal


(F) indicates freezer meal (L) indicates leftovers

Sunday: Coconut Curry Soup, homemade French bread & salad

Monday: (F) crock-pot pulled pork burrito bowls. I’ll be trying this recipe next time around (in keeping with my cutting processed food resolution).

Tuesday: (F) Better butter “chicken” over rice & salad

Wednesday: (L) pulled pork BBQ sandwiches & salad

Thursday: (F) Italian Sausage Orzo Soup, homemade French bread & salad

Friday: (L) better butter chicken over rice & salad

Saturday: (L) BBQ pulled pork pizza pockets – using this recipe, but swapping chicken for pork



Elliptical & attempting some jogging if it isn’t too cold (G doesn’t like the cold – can’t blame her!). Zumba on Saturday :)


Did you overindulge over the holidays? Do you need a bit of a reset in your eating too?


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