Better Than Lysol Disinfectant Spray

Better Than Lysol 2 @LeilaDishes

Disinfectant spray is a must for dirty areas like bathrooms and trash cans. But Lysol spray is chock full of toxic chemicals and the smell is overwhelming.  I just can’t see the point in using something to disinfect areas if it is going to put an equal amount of nasty chemicals on to the surfaces of my home. My husband wasn’t ready to ditch the spray, however, unless I could provide a suitable replacement.

This week the hubs picked up some new pillows at Costco and wanted to spray them with Lysol first, since who knows how many grubby hands touched the pillows before purchase. Umm, no thanks! DoTerra to the rescue!

This spray includes lavender, a disinfectant, and  purify, which is a blend of cilantro, citronella, lemon, lime, melaleuca, and pine. Purify can disinfect surfaces and airborne pathogens. (source & source)


Better Than Lysol Disinfecting Spray

Better Than Lysol @LeilaDishes



  • Glass* spray bottle (8, 16, or 24 ounce)
  • 10 drops DoTerra Purify Essential Oil PER 8oz water
  • 5 drops DoTerra Lavender Essential Oil PER 8oz water
  • Water


Add purify and lavender to glass bottle and top with water. Shake before each use, as the oil will remain on top of the water otherwise. Spray wherever you want to kill germs!

*Glass is recommended when using essential oils because the oils are so powerful they can break down plastic, which leaches chemicals into the water. Don’t waste your money and cancel out the benefits of your essential oils by using plastic!


April DoTerra Specials

Hi everyone and happy spring!

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If you haven’t already, make sure to log into your mydoterra office to update your LRP order from last month, otherwise you’ll get the same oils you ordered in March! I always take a peek at all my oils to see which ones I’m running low on and swap them with the oils I received last month. Easy peasy.

If you haven’t set up an LRP (loyalty rewards) order yet I highly recommend doing so. You’ll earn points back on all of your orders made through the LRP that you can spend on oils. For the first 3 months you’ll earn 10%, then 15% for months 4-6, 20% for months 7-11 and after 1 year of LRP orders you’ll earn 30% back! In addition, if you have at least 125pv in your LRP you’ll receive the free product of the month. Both are great ways to build and replenish your oil stash!

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Here are the April specials:
*10% off Digestzen
       *FREE bottle of lime with a 125pv LRP order processed by April 15
       *FREE bottle of deep blue AND FREE deep blue lotion with a 200pv LRP  order processed any time through April 15. (if you spend 200pv you’ll get both the lime and the two deep blue products)
Digestzen is a blend of anise, caraway, coriander, fennel, peppermint, ginger, and tarragon. It is a great natural replacement for pepto bismol/immodium or infant gas drops/gripe water and can be applied directly to the belly, or taken internally (1-2 drops under the tongue). I have 3 bottles! One at home, one in the diaper bag, and one in my purse. It is also commonly used for nausea and on the bridge of the nose for congestion.
Lime is antibacterial, an antibiotic, an antiseptic and a disinfectant. It is commonly diffused to alleviate stress and to disinfect the air. It is also great for muscle cramps/spasms and can be combined with Breathe for respiratory issues. I’m using these two, layered, on my chest and throat because I’m currently being attacked by a nasty virus. I also love lime and lemon together in my homemade Sprite.
I am SO excited that the Deep Blue promo was extended. It was too popular not to! I just updated my LRP to bump it up to 200pv so I could grab some more of these freebies.  It is a blend of blue chamomile, blue tansy, camphor, helichrysum, osmanthus, peppermint and wintergreen. It feels amazing on achy muscles. It is commonly used to address arthritic pain, bruises, carpel tunnel, headaches, inflammation, joint pain, migrains, muscle pain, sprains, and rheumatism. I use it for menstrual cramps (and the back ache that comes with them), on my husband’s slipped disc* in his back, and after a hard work out. It feels lovely after an Epsom salt bath.

*an update on my husband’s slipped disc. He’s used almost our entire free rub from our March shipment! He uses it after laying on his spoonk mat (an acupressure mat), which helps his blood circulate. This makes it even easier for the deep blue to spread do his body. He’s sleeping better than he has in years AND isn’t stiff and achy in the morning. It’s his back pain miracle in a bottle.

The 15th is just around the corner, so if you’re wanting to get in on this month’s two freebies update your LRP cart to ship before the 15th!

If you have any questions, please email me at leiladishesblog @!